Use this page to simulate the ESTHER code as of a specific date
after the hypothetical exhibition start date (for testing purposes,
assumed to be 5 Sep; until the exhibition date,
when it will be permanently set, within the final version of the code, to 18 Sep).

'Test Loop' simulates the output screen, stepping through time
based on the looping increment, starting on the date/time displayed below.
Test loop should be checked; if it isn't, the date inputs are ignored and the simulation
just plays as of the current date (like it would in the exhibition). Defaults are
already set below, just hit 'Launch'.


Simulation is only tested on Linux and Mac desktop running recent version of Chrome. Doesn't work on phones, sorry.

Times are always and everywhere written as UTC not local

Dates aren't validated for 28/29/30/31 day months.

Test Loop should be checked if user wants to see how the software looks at some future point

Looping increment is seconds of simulation time per frame.
Example using an increment of 0.01667: on a browser operating at 60 fps (frames-per-second),
each second of (real) time will be 60 x 0.01667 => 1 second of (simulation) time.
Another example: an increment of 1, on the same browser would 60 seconds of (sim) time in each second of (real) time.
Obviously is browser speed dependent.

Comments, errors, catastrophic crashes please get in touch ukc10014 (at) mac (dot) com